Friday, May 29, 2015

Because it's Friday Giveaway

Congratulations, Jonella Moore! You won a copy of Tattoos and Cupcakes!!

Because it's Friday....I thought I'd celebrate by giving away an ebook of Tattoos and Cupcakes. It's raining outside and rather dreary, so a tropical getaway is just what I need. Since I'm rather stuck at the moment in the Midwest, I thought I'd give one winner a tropical escape.

Being sequestered on Sunset Point Island is the least of Lane Erikson’s worries. Being a witness to a murder may be her demise. What does one do when a network of FBI wanted criminals are looking to kill you? You run like hell, even it’s to a place you’ve never heard of.
Dane Hutchinson, local tattoo artist, sets his sights on winning Lane’s affection and sharing her with Bannock Garrison, Sunset Point police officer. Bannock never wanted a ménage relationship, even though his parents have lived a happy life in one. The idea of sharing a woman bothers him, but losing Dane’s friendship bothers him more.
As the relationship begins to soar with possibilities, Lane is faced with her world crashing down again, and her life hangs in the balance. Can Bannock and his colleagues save the day? More importantly, can Bannock overcome his distrust for women and allow Lane into his heart and share her with his best friend?
Story Excerpt:
The rush of the waves crashing in filled the silence between them. Dane wasn’t sure how to proceed from there. Seeing how she worked at avoiding his questions and sounded almost insincere when answering, Dane knew that Bannock was correct in one aspect. Reece was in fact hiding something. Now whether or not it was worth hiding, he couldn’t be sure, but he doubted she was a criminal or anything. How he’d really like to know what brought her here. All he could come up with was serendipity.
They sipped their wine and together looked out to the ocean, mesmerized by the moonlight playing on the water. Reece’s glass was almost empty, so Dane refilled it and his own as well.
“When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?” She asked as she scanned the view before them.
Dane chuckled, amused at his dream from so long ago. “I wanted to be a rock star.”
Reece laughed with a cute, infectious tone that made him smile. “What about you?”
“Well, as young girl, I wasn’t much to look at. I hated my hair and my freckles. A geek, I was quite a case, all gangly, tall and thin, towering well above most all in my class, even the boys.” She smiled and shook her head. “I always dreamt of growing up, growing out of the goofy stage. I’ve had just one goal my entire life.”
“And what’s that?”
“I wanted to be that ugly duckling that became a swan. I wanted to see myself gracing the spread of a high fashion magazine as a model. I yearned to prove I was worthy, capable.” She seemed to be reminiscing.
“And what about now?”
“I find that I still seek that validation, but the importance is not as much now, since I’ve been here.”
Dane listened, knowing that concealed in her words was the story he wanted to know. If she was just there on vacation, she was taking quite an extended one. On the other hand, if she was there to sort out her life, she seemed well on her way to accomplishing the task. What happened back in Kansas? He wondered, but refused to ask. Under the cover of her long black lashes, he could see pain in her eyes, although she tried hard to cover it. “You’re gorgeous whether or not you’re in a magazine. Seeking approval from others is a tough business. I’ve been there.”
“Yes it is a tough business.” She looked down into her wine glass for a moment. “It’s okay to change my mind about what I want to be when I grow up, isn’t it?”
“Of course it is.” Dane scooted closer to her and lifted her chin with his finger so she was forced to look at him. “You can change your mind a thousand times if you’d like. Happiness is the key. As long as you’re happy, the world can go to hell.”
She smiled and it reached her eyes this time. He wanted nothing more than to kiss her right then. He also wanted to kiss away the pain he sensed inside her. He wanted to hold her and assure that no matter what was going on, she’d be okay and he’d be there if she needed him.
“I’ve never been this close to an angel.”
Reece’s smile faded and she blinked her eyes as if she didn’t believe him. A serious expression replaced it.
“Kiss me, please.”
Reece moved swiftly, throwing her arms around his neck and pressed her lips to his. He could feel the urgency in her kiss and it matched his own. The kiss deepened, her mouth sweet with the flavor of the wine. Their tongues swept together, finding harmony, and a sensual rhythm. Her innocent scent enveloped his senses, pulling him in. His hand ran through her thick, fire red hair, so soft on his skin. He missed this, the feel of a woman, the scent of a woman. His hand grazed her bare shoulder with his other hand, loving the smooth, satiny feel of her skin. He wanted to caress her all over and get lost in the curves of her body, explore her soft flesh while finding all the little areas that drove her wild.
 The kiss heightened Dane’s arousal. He wanted her, right there on the soft grass with the waves singing their sensual song, serenading them under the moonlight. By her response, she wanted it too, but Dane couldn’t, and wouldn’t go any further. Pure emotion and sexual tension was pushing him and he decided he couldn’t allow his cock to lead, not yet anyway. He worked to slow it down, his hormones raged against him while he fought for control.
They regained coherent thoughts not affected by lust, placing their lips together one last time before awkwardly backing away.
Reece blushed and flipped her hair back. “Sorry, that probably wasn’t the kind of kiss you were expecting.”
Dane was astonished. “No, it was much better.”

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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Random Babbling of a Psychotic Author

Have you ever wondered what goes on inside the head of an author? Let me tell ya, it isn't pretty.

I worked way too damn long on a book, for reasons only my subconscious knows. I thought I'd share a little of the craziness that went on inside my head while I was working on Karma for Hire.

Karma, who else believes besides me? I for one am a firm believer. We reap what we sow. Sow good seeds and good will come back to you. Sow bad, and yeah, get ready.

We all know the jokes about karma, share them, and get a kick out of reading them, but what if karma was a real entity?  I asked myself this question and began to wonder what she'd be like. (Of course Karma would be a woman btw) What kind of entity would she be? Good? Bad? Or a mix or both?

Then I thought, wouldn't it be great if we could hire her, since you know, karma takes so long and all. What if there was a way to move to the front of the line? I'm not a patient person, so this is something I wanted to know. Ever heard the old saying, "It might not be next week, next month, or even next year, but karma will eventually catch up to you." This understanding about karma doesn't do much for my impatient psyche. What if we could speed up the process? Would there be a fee for expedient service? What would a human have to pay? Any disclaimers we should know about?

I'm a lot like a kid hyped up on sugar when my brain gets to going. I jotted down notes, questions, more notes...holy crapnuggets, I was in a frenzy! I asked myself ridiculous questions, "Surely Karma can't do the job alone. Who would help her? Does she have employees? Who are they?" Because really, no one entity could do that enormous job alone! Right?

Ultimate light bulb moment! My brain screamed out the answer! Eureka! There's good karma and bad karma. Of course she needs an evil source to deliver bad karma, and a good source for good karma. Duh! Angels and demons!

I'm reeling, so excited that I'm about to wet my pants. Really, I may have.

But how do I put all this into a book? What kind of book should it be? I love to laugh and I'm always cutting up, should it be funny? Or serious? Pfft to serious. I need to laugh. I want to have fun. The book should most definitely be fun! Genre? Oh, hell, I write erotic romance. Should I make it erotic? No, the story forming in my head isn't erotic at all.

My daughter asked me if I could please write something that I would allow her to read someday. Oh, geesh. No pressure there. What about a romantic comedy? Can I even pull one off? *head desk* What if readers hate it? Oh, my stomach is churning, but I want to write this book. I'm funny, right? My kids laugh at me. My husband laughs at me. I've got a good sense of humor....I'm so dead.

Wow. I'm a raving lunatic. Not only have I built a tremendous story in my head, I'm not sure how to write it!

The only way to grow as a writer is to take on new challenges. Right?

I'm so screwed, but I love what I have envisioned! I have to do it, because if I don't, I will go insane!

What if I write it and everyone hates it? Oh, god, what if they hate it? Am I ready for that? *head desk*

I'm a complete moron. No one will think anything I write in this romantic comedy is funny.

Last will of an author daring to step out of their comfort zone:

I bequeath any and all royalties I "might" earn after the dust has settled to my children.

Husband, please understand that I tried.

Sister, please talk up my other books that have good ratings so that my children may enjoy a tiny trip to the mall every now and then.

Goodbye, cruel world....

Anyone beginning to realize just how insane authors really are? Er, maybe just me... I dare you to find a single one that hasn't felt uncertainty about a book they've written. I dare you.

For me, I openly admit that I'm a lunatic. I'm led by the voices in my head. My characters are as real as the green grass in my lawn. Of course, they reside somewhere else, on another plane where everyone gets a happily ever after....

Words. Books are made up of words, thoughts, and ideas. What makes them powerful are the authors behind them and how they deliver those words. Am I a master wordsmith? Nope. Do I try? Yep, all the damn time. Am I a psycho with lots of imaginary friends? Absolutely!

This concludes random babbling of an psychotic author....Join me next time as I embark on my very first trip to the insane asylum, or some other complete random post I decide to write.

Stay tuned for the release of Karma for Hire.


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Top 30 Hottest Men of the Century

Happy Tuesday! I'm trying to be energetic, but Tuesday is one of those days. It isn't remotely close to Friday and it comes after Monday. What a bad rap. So, in order to brighten my day, I thought I'd share the top 10 Hottest Men of the Century. (Of course, who I believe are the hottest) My list grew to twenty, because how can one narrow down to ten? My list became a top 20, and that didn't last long, because I kept thinking of more men. Finally, I decided on 30, and here it. Mind you this list is in no order. Who is your favorite? Did I miss anyone?

1. Norman Reedus

2. Clark Gable

3. Elvis Presley

4. Gerard Butler

5. Adam Levine

6. Sean Connery

7. Paul Newman

8. Johnny Depp

9. Zac Efron

10. Marlon Brando

11. Rock Hudson

12. Jensen Ackles

13. Chris Hemsworth

14. Shemar Moore

15. Sam Elliott

16. Will Smith

17. Denzel Washington

18. Tony Curtis

19. Cary Grant

20. Ryan Reynolds

21. Mark Wahlberg

22. Russell Crowe

23. Chris Pine

24. Ryan Gosling

25. Liam Hemsworth

26. David Beckham

27. Jake Gyllenhaal

28. Channing Tatum

29. Collin Ferrell

30. Taylor Lautner

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Last Day to Fill Your Kindle for 99 cents per title!

Last day!!! Almost 50 titles and all for 99 Cents!

A New World Order is on the list. 

The Earth has witnessed to the devastation of the Apocalyptic Wars of 2540 and the following Civil Wars of 2550. Not a city or country had been left untouched by either, with a great many leveled to nothing more than heaps of concrete and twisted steel. In order for humankind to survive and rebuild, a totalitarian government was created, made up of former country leaders, and is called the New World Order (NWO). 
While not perfect, the NWO enacted the Populous Reconstruction Act in order to repopulate Earth. Many disagree with the act, especially Keira Alvarado, a lieutenant and pilot for the cause. Under the act, many laws and subsections only further Keira’s plight. Well past her twenty-fifth birthday and unmarried, she is now at the mercy of the law, and any men who decide to make her their own are able to do so without her permission. 
When two new pilots to the Southwest Hemisphere arrive, they only further the trouble brewing for Keira. If her personal hell, and status as a single woman isn’t enough to ruin her day, the Patriot Brotherhood, a faction against the NWO, has bigger plans for her life, and the world that is just beginning to overcome the devastation of the past. 
Sex, love, lies, and deception mixed with winners and losers. The human condition and desire to overcome drives this new age, and not everyone is happy about it.