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Bunnies and Batteries by Angelina Rain FREE!

Who doesn't like a freebie? I know I enjoy getting things for free. A few years ago, I even became a book reviewer for the sake of getting free books. That made me think about what other things one could get for free and I thought: "Wouldn't it be great to get free sex toys in exchange for a review?" That is where the idea for Bunnies and Batteries came from. And since it was free things that sparked that idea, I decided to give this book away for free. Go get it now!

What's a girl to do when she has a sexy neighbor on her mind and a brand new vibrator in hand?

Grace Alderson is secretly in love with her neighbor, Clay Sawyer. She knows they don't have a future together, not after what she did to him almost a year ago. There was no way he would forgive her for something as awful as that! Still, it doesn't hurt to fantasize about his kisses and touches as she plays with her vibrator. When a strange sound wakes her from the orgasmic bliss, Grace realizes she's not alone. Clay is in her house… watching her. Can they get over the past and find their happiness together?

Be Warned: sex toys, anal play

The dog turned to him and Clay saw the begging in his eyes.
Damn it! He turned off the device and put it back down. Jumping over the fence, he intended only to open her kitchen door and let the dog inside. However, the instant he went to do it, a low scream pierced the air.
It was feminine and throaty and almost seductive. Like a whimper, one of possible pleasure or pain.
Maybe she was with …
No, he brushed the idea away. He hadn’t seen any man enter her house. But what if she had fallen and hurt herself?
He opened the door and Cello rushed in, running straight to his water bowl at the corner by the kitchen table.
Another moan pierced the air.
No response.
He stepped over the threshold and shut the door behind him. Clay hadn't been inside her house since their friendship ended. There were several times when she had invited him over for pizza and a movie when they were just friends. Before he ruined it with his romantic intentions. Her place hadn't changed. He took in the same light kitchen with its white walls, white floors, and pale wood cabinets and table. The appliances were a light ivory and a bit aged. It was the black marble countertops that brought life into the small space.
Stepping into the next room, he came into the dark living space. Flickering shadows of light from the fireplace danced across the walls, and soft music came from the television. Yet, what grabbed his attention was Grace.
She lay naked on the red leather couch, a black blanket under her back. One long, shapely leg thrown over the back while the other was on the hardwood floor. Her head was on a little red and black throw pillow. Long strands of golden hair were scattered around her head like a halo. Her eyes were closed and her mouth open, as another soft moan escaped those luscious lips.
One hand tirelessly pinched a hard pink nipple. Her breasts weren’t big. They were a perfect handful, or mouthful.
His breath caught in his throat and his mouth fell open as he watched her. He wanted to touch those breasts with his hands, his lips, his tongue. He wanted to bite onto one of those nipples and pull it lightly until she screamed for more. He wished to hear that soft moan again. And again!
Grace had a pink vibrator inside her core, pulling it in and out. The smell of sex filled the room and his erection rubbed against the fabric of his boxers. The scratch of it pained his penis head and he stuck his hand inside his shorts and stroked himself. The feel warmed him all over, and he wished it were her hand instead. His gaze fixed on Grace as she continued to pull the vibrator in and out.
He knew he should leave. Knew it was wrong to stand there, uninvited. Yet, Clay couldn’t tear his gaze away. He watched, mouth agape, with his hand in his shorts. The strain became too painful and he pulled out his hand.
Grace switched hands, tweaking her other nipple as she continued pulling the vibrator in and out. Her legs started to tremble as she arched her back. Her mouth fell open and a scream escaped her throat. "Oh, Clay," she said around a moan.
His cock jutted inside his shorts. Did he hear right? Did she really just say his name? Her eyes were still closed, so she couldn't possibly know he stood before her. Could it be that she felt some of the same emotions toward him that he felt for her?
A groan escaped his throat at the thought of her returning his love. He bit his bottom lip, regretting the sound he made. He stared at her face as her eyes opened. Her pupils were dilated, and her eyes were a darker blue than usual. Their gazes met. Her face quickly turned from pleasure, to shock, to panic, and she screamed as an orgasm ripped through her.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Author Jenika Snow in the Hot Seat

Welcome Jenika Snow! Jenika is a multi-published author of erotic romance. Read on to learn more about her.

Hennessee: Are any of the scenes in your books based on personal experiences?

Jenika: No, but the have been a few of my scenes that I have tried out ;)

Hennessee: When did you begin writing?

Jenika: I started writing in elementary school, but didn't actually write with the mindset that I would submit anything until 2009. That is when my first story was published.

Hennessee: What kind of hero do you most enjoy writing about?

Jenika: Alpha heroes :)

Hennessee: When you read, what do enjoy reading the most?

Jenika: Romances that don't always have a HEA. It is reality that not all things work out.

Hennessee: Tell me about an embarrassing moment.

Jenika: When I went for a job interview at a place my husbands aunt worked at and the human resource lady said she knew all about my writing erotic romances and wanted to know my pen name. Now, aside from my husband and sister knowing about my writing, I didn't tell anyone. My husband told his whole family, grandma included, and then it spread like wildfire.

Hennessee: How do you deal with writer’s block?

Jenkia: I either take a break from writing or start a new story.

Hennessee: What do you think makes a great bedroom scene?

Jenika: Chemistry between the characters. You have to be able to really feel what they are feeling in order to connect, IMO.

Hennessee: If you could have dinner with anyone, who would it be and why?

Jenika: Ryan Gosling...sigh...Do I really need a reason ;)

Hennessee: Tell me about the shittiest job you’ve ever had?

Jenika: My very first job was when I was 15. I worked at Sonic. I always came home smelling like hamburgers.

Hennessee: When is your favorite time to write?
Jenika: When my children go to bed :) That's when I can really relax and focus.

Hennessee: If you could date any character from your books, who would it be and why?

Jenika: I would have to say one of my warriors from my Dimi of the Seven Moons series because they are big all around if you know what I mean ;) lol

Hennessee: Tell me something odd about you?

Jenika: I eat all the toppings off my pizza first.

Hennessee: If your friends could describe you with one word, what would it be?

Jenika: Raunchy

Hennessee: Do you have any strange habits?

Jenika: I don't know if it’s a habit, but I have OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder. 

Hennessee: Do you have an upcoming book you would like to tell me about?
Jenika: My newest book, Adrian's Wrath, is the second story in my Under ground series. This series revolves around fighters that challenge each other in an illegal fight ring below a club. Adrian is an emotionally scarred hero and Brea is running from her violent past. The two of them must find strength in each other if they plan on overcoming what haunts them.

Blurb: Brea Collins's past keeps resurfacing no matter how hard she tries to outrun it. When she finally settles in a small town, working at a club to save enough for her final escape, she never expects to meet Adrian Holden, a man that makes her feel something other than fear.
Adrian's life hasn't been a fairy tale. He fights in the Underground, an illegal cage fighting organization. His anger and grief are his fuel. When he sees Brea, a damaged woman that calls out to every protective instinct in him, Adrian knows that she might very well be his salvation from his bleak past.
Their happiness can only last so long. With two traumatic pasts and an uncertain future, there is bound to be something that drives them apart, but Adrian is determined to have Brea at all costs, and he will do everything in his power to ensure that.

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